Acquisitions are made in accordance with the Natures artistic project defined in 2018 by FRAC Alsace director Felizitas Diering. This project questions the environment and the body, the exterior and the interior, and adds to the axes mentioned below the discussion of plurality, diversity and forms of existence, as well as that of biodiversity (in the broadest sense) and monoculture in a globalized world.

The acquisition committee’s proposals take into account the following research guidelines and recommendations:

Select artists in line with FRAC Alsace’s programming (exhibitions, projects, etc.);

Reinforce the presence of artists already in the collection with complementary works;

Focus on artists from the cross-border region, including artists from regions with no art market and little distribution;

Encourage biodiversity by integrating new artists whose works complement the collection’s lines and themes;

Diversify the techniques represented in the collection, with particular attention to new media and ceremonial works;

Adopt an intergenerational approach to support and promote artists of different ages, in particular to establish a direct dialogue between younger and older artists;

Ensure that the collections of the 3 FRACs in the Grand Est region complement each other;

Take into account the technical constraints inherent in the conservation of works and the configuration of the storerooms;

Choose works that are in keeping with the FRAC’s missions, in terms of their mobility and ease of distribution.

Submit a work

Each year, artists and contemporary art professionals can subscribe to this creative support scheme. They are free to submit one or more proposals for the acquisition of works to the Frac Alsace.

Public concerned

French or foreign artists and contemporary art professionals working in various fields of the visual arts.

How to apply

When the application period opens, download the acquisition form, complete it and return it to Yoann Godmez, along with the following documents:

A letter stating the proposed acquisition;

A general presentation of the artist’s approach

The proposed works, with their precise technical specifications and price;

A biography and bibliography of the artist.


The deadline for submitting proposals for the acquisition of works of art is February 1, 2023.

Selection criteria

The committee deliberates on the basis of various criteria, linked to:

The plastic and aesthetic qualities of the work, as well as its coherence with the artist’s body of work;

The coherence of the work with the FRAC Alsace collection and the orientations of the artistic and cultural project;

The technical characteristics of the work: conservation conditions, exhibition conditions, etc…

Acquisition price.

Selection Commitee

The files are examined by the Technical Purchasing Committee, which deliberates. The members of the Technical Purchasing Committee, appointed for three years, are contemporary art professionals chosen by the Director and representatives of the public authorities. They act as rapporteurs. Proposals are then submitted to the FRAC Alsace Board of Directors for approval. Selected artists are notified in writing of the acquisition of their work.